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Find the latest federal, state and local regulation news and analysis from the editors of Petfood Industry magazine. Pet food regulations are set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which governs the production, distribution and sale of cat food, dog food and animal feeds as well as pet food labeling laws. Register for free to access premium content.



Argentine pet food exports may grow using quality control

Quality control procedures and certifications may help pet food makers in Argentina and around the world to expand distribution of their dog, cat and other pet food and treats.

Quality control procedures boost efficiency, ensure consistent pet food products and reduce the potential for recalls, but quality control can go beyond that to become a marketing tool for dog, cat and other pet food producers.

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black soldier fly larvae

BSF protein an ‘easy swap’ for other proteins in dog food

Enterra palatability, digestibility and maintenance trials show black soldier fly-based diet performed well and provided all of the necessary nutrients to maintain dog health
With alternative proteins increasing in popularity in human foods, they are also gaining interest from consumers of pet food, and black soldier fly (BSF)-based ingredients are among the most popular.
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Tracking product safety through the NASC

The National Animal Supplement Council’s NAERS helps member companies track adverse events for their products and ingredients.

Learn about the National Animal Supplement Council’s NAERS, a system of tracking adverse events for its members.

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Pet CBD space ready and eager for more research

Those companies working in the CBD pet products space are identifying research gaps and navigating the barriers that remain.

Learn about the barriers to research and acceptance that remain in the CBD segment of pet products, as well as continued regulatory challenges.

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Feces, blood, rusty hooks: FDA warns Pet Center dog treats

Woven mesh bags of bull pizzle dog chews were stacked against an exterior wall of the plant. Animal feces were present atop one such bag. The woven mesh bags containing the bull pizzles were torn open, with finished product exposed to the outside environment.

Some of the violations involved rusty meat hooks, pest feces on bags of finished dog chews, or blood and raw flesh splashed onto finished dog chews.

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Animal diseases in one species could impact us all

Pet food and agriculture have a close relationship, which makes staying on top of agricultural animal diseases all the more important to risk mitigation.

Learn about the potential risks of diseases like African swine flu and avian influenza entering American agricultural stock, as well as what’s at work from a regulatory perspective to mitigate those risks.

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