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Clean label: A complex pet food trend for pet owners

There is no official definition of “clean label,” but that doesn’t mean pet food customers don’t have plenty of ideas when it comes to shopping for clean label pet food.
Just because there is not an official definition of “clean label,” it doesn’t mean pet food customers don’t have their own ideas of what this means when it comes to shopping for clean label pet food.
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Quinoa pet food ingredients help, hurt Andean farmers

Pet food companies now use quinoa for its superfood reputation, but the popularity of the crop had repercussions for the people who first domesticated it.
While the nutritional benefits of quinoa may be straightforward, the economic, cultural and environmental factors related to the cultivation of quinoa hold complexities.
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Pet owners most want plant-based diet nutrition info

20 million vegan, vegetarian pet owners may live in U.S. Fifty-eight vegans and one vegetarian were the only survey participants who fed their pets plant-based diets.
Scientists asked pet owners about their own dietary preferences and their beliefs and behaviors about plant-based dog and cat foods.
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Natural claim influenced 45 percent of pet food buyers

In the results of the survey, 45 percent of pet owners responded that they were more inclined to purchase pet food labeled as “natural”.
In a survey of 100 adult pet owners in the United States, the word “natural” most influenced people’s decision to purchase a particular pet food.
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Nascent insect-based pet food industry eyes ecology

Insect farms should be wary of potential environmental effects of escapees, as well as the sustainability of feed and housing, said scientists.
Scientists suggested that insect farms focus on developing ideal practices for optimizing sustainability before the industry grows too large to change easily.
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