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Stella & Chewy raw pet food brand to sell in Petco

Freeze-dried/raw pet food continues to grow in popularity among pet parents, in spite of the undeniably higher price tag of the finished products.

While selling pet food through mass market retailers, such as, isn’t new for Stella & Chewy’s, a raw, natural pet food brand, the brand’s products haven’t been available in pet specialty retailer Petco. 

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Mussels in pet food help climate, wildlife and communities

Raising native mussels may pull more greenhouse gases from the environment than it releases.

In addition to the social and environmental sustainability aspects, mussels provide the important omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which support dog and cat brains, hearts and other aspects of health. 

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Wood-eating yeast in cat food highly palatable, digestible

Researchers compared cat food made with torula yeast to diets using pea protein concentrate, soybean meal and chicken meal.

Raising fungus as pet food ingredients on otherwise discarded material reduces the environmental impact of companion animal nutrition. For example, torula yeast (Cyberlindnera jadinii) feed on woody biomass left as waste or residues from making wood products.

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PetPlate: Human-grade pet food since 2016

This subscription-based, fresh-cooked pet food company is staying on top of the latest premium and humanization trends.

Learn about PetPlate, the fresh-cooked pet food company built on a subscription model and expanding alongside the major premiumization pet food trends.

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3D printing pet treats with plant, insect, algae protein

A pet food and treat company could offer a 3D-printing device optimized for producing pet treats, then sell the ingredients to pet owners via a subscription service. For large, established companies, 3D-printed pet consumables could streamline the new product development process or allow specialized services for pet owners.

Ordering a perfect cup of Earl Grey tea from a Star Trek-style replicator remains for the next generation. However, small-scale 3D printing of pet treats may not be science fiction for long. Those futuristically created treats may themselves contain equally unconventional ingredients, such as insect and algae proteins.

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Insect-based pet and people foods marketed together

The human and pet food worlds seem to be converging. The growing popularity of insect-based pet foods in Mexico exemplifies this.

The human and pet food worlds seem to be converging. The growing popularity of insect-based pet foods in Mexico exemplifies this.

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3 options for insect-based pet food ingredients

To feed the billions of pets and people on Earth, the planet’s millions of insect species may offer solutions for nourishing dogs, cats and other pets with sustainable protein and oil ingredients, especially the three species detailed here.

Among the millions of insect species on Earth, arthropod agriculture has adopted only a few types. Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), crickets and mealworms are among those few insects raised for use as pet food ingredients.

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