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Innovative packaging designs for inventive pet food

Pet food packaging designers must anticipate pet owners’ reactions to their graphics and colors.

As brand loyalty declines and product diversity increases, pet food packaging needs to grab eyes both in physical stores and online, where shelf placement no longer helps to differentiate products. 

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Dachshund recycle bin sustainability

Sustainability conflicts with premium pet food packaging

While renewable materials, like fish gelatin, give pet food packaging fairly good oxygen transmission rates (OTR), they degrade very quickly.
On the one hand, pet owners want packaging with low environmental impact. However, those same pet food and treat purchasers also look for artful, resealable packaging that keeps contents fresh for long periods.
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brown dog nose close muzzle extreme

Pet food pods could reduce single-serve packaging waste

Superpremium, single-serve packaging may trade sustainability for convenience. Encapsulated pet food in a dissolvable pod could replace single-serve packages and reduce waste.
Brightly printed, sturdy pet food packages may ensure freshness on par with human foods, but multiple layers of material often mean superpremium packaging must make a trade-off with sustainability.
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Mars sues Simmons over dog food label similarities

Mars Petcare filed a lawsuit alleging that Simmons Pet Food’s Signature brands copied the packaging of Pedigree dog food, which the Mars stated is the best-selling brand by revenues in the United States in 2020.
Mars believes that Simmons infringed on Pedigree’s trade dress by using the same label colors and design elements.
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