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4 pet food trends post-COVID: type, retail, package, value

The humanization of pets and their expanded role as companions during the pandemic may act as a bulwark against pet owners lowering their quality standards.
A panel of pet food industry professionals discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic would affect dog, cat and other pet food market trends, along with other prevailing movements in consumer demand.
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Recyclable dog, cat food packaging trials at R&D facility

One focus of the Centre will be the development of sustainable pet food packaging options using Coveris’ films and other materials.
At flexible packaging maker Coveris’ Pack Innovation Centre in Halle, Germany, pet food companies can run trials with their products on vertical form fill seal packaging machines to check for problems.
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Pet food flexible plastic packaging recycling report

A Materials Recovery For the Future research report detailed the successful collection, separation and preparation for recycling of flexible plastic packaging, like that used in pet food and treat bags.
In the United States, Nestlé Purina is a founding member of Material Recovery for the Future, which promotes a circular economy and stronger recycling infrastructure.
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Wet Noses owner with her two dogs

Wet Noses: Making ‘the best damn dog food on the planet’

This independent pet food company has expanded from dog treats to jarred dog and cat food as well as toppers with a focus on sustainability and nutrition.
Wet Noses is an independent pet food company that has expanded from dog treats to jarred dog and cat food as well as toppers with a focus on sustainability and nutrition.
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Pet food industry supply chain intact during COVID-19

Although many pet food industry suppliers have prepared for the pandemic, there will still be increased costs and transportation difficulties in the supply chain.
As of the beginning of April, much of the pet food production supply chain remained intact, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.
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Dog, cat food industry suppliers’ pandemic preparations

Through their international operations, pet food ingredient, equipment and other suppliers saw the COVID-19 disease grow from a regional outbreak to a global pandemic.
As the health crisis expanded, these companies prepared and developed contingency plans for various potential scenarios in the markets where they operate.
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