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Hill’s seeks cultured meat pet food ingredient from Bond

Comparing the environmental effects of rearing livestock to those of cultured meat presents a complex puzzle.

Learn about how, earlier this month, a maker of fermented protein designed for cats and dogs, Bond Pet Foods, announced a partnership with the world’s fourth largest pet food company by annual revenue, Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

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Aging pet food facilities challenge biosecurity

Keeping employee safety and health in mind can help keep a pet food facility running without interruptions.

Keeping employee safety and health in mind can help keep a pet food facility running without interruptions. As the pandemic continues, biosecurity and food safety remain foremost concerns among pet food and other animal feed production facility staff.

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Map of Japanese dog, cat and other pet food companies

Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused a 10-15% surge in pet food sales in Japan in early 2020, that boost may have been temporary.

Domestic production accounts for more than half of all dog, cat and other pet food sales by volume in Japan. The companies in this map created much of that pet food.

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Criteria for choosing extruded dog, cat food ingredients

Nutrition, processability and other practical concerns, along with sustainability and marketability influence the choices pet food formulators make when developing recipes.

Certain criteria influence why pet food formulators choose specific ingredients for new recipes to be processed in extruders.

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Mars Petcare further expands Cesar, Sheba, Iams facility

Facility expansion has begun. All phases of the project are scheduled for completion in 2023.
Mars Petcare will invest US$117 million in its Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA pet food manufacturing facility. This pet food facility expansion adds to the US$145 million expenditure announced in January.
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