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Gut health tops pet owner discussions on social media

Identifying related themes among pet owners’ attitudes and pet food brands’ products may help pet food marketers and formulators develop new products and promote the ones they have.
When pet owners talk about pet products on social media certain terms and themes emerge. Likewise, when pet food companies describe their products on e-commerce sites, marketers use specific terms and follow definable trends.
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Premium trends in new small-mammal, bird pet foods 2021

The same forces shape many aspects of the pet food industry. Bird, small mammal and even backyard poultry are no exception.
Among foods and treats for small mammals and birds, including backyard hen feed, humanization and premiumization trends manifested themselves in various ways.
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Active, luxury, comfort human trends in new pet foods

Active-lifestyles, healthy indulgences, affordable luxury and comfort food trends seems to have been influential on new pet food product development in the past year.
Beyond using the same ingredients, these new dog and cat products looked like items pet owners have in their own pantries or pockets.
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8 health, premium trends in new pet foods: SuperZoo 2021

These eight pet foods or treats represent trends that have guided pet food product development for years and continue to find new expression in SuperZoo 2021’s New Product Showcase.
From the wildfire smoke screening the mountains near Las Vegas to the mask-clad attendees, much has changed since the last in-person SuperZoo. Yet many pet food and treat trends in 2021’s New Product Showcase continue from previous years.
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