Sustainable Dog and Cat Food

Find out why sustainability is becoming a requirement for dog and cat food – how it’s no longer just a feel-good concept for eco-conscious consumers but also an expectation, as well as a business necessity for pet food producers and suppliers. Register for free to access premium pet food industry content.



Mussels in pet food help climate, wildlife and communities

Raising native mussels may pull more greenhouse gases from the environment than it releases.

In addition to the social and environmental sustainability aspects, mussels provide the important omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which support dog and cat brains, hearts and other aspects of health. 

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Wood-eating yeast in cat food highly palatable, digestible

Researchers compared cat food made with torula yeast to diets using pea protein concentrate, soybean meal and chicken meal.

Raising fungus as pet food ingredients on otherwise discarded material reduces the environmental impact of companion animal nutrition. For example, torula yeast (Cyberlindnera jadinii) feed on woody biomass left as waste or residues from making wood products.

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