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Mexican pet food innovation opportunity: Neutered pets

Few Latin American pet food companies have developed products catered to neutered or spayed pets, leaving room for new product development
In a region with a large number of uncontrolled pet births, Latin American pet food companies have opportunity to develop formulas catering to sterile pets.
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Petfood Forum announces CPG brand expert as 2020 keynote

Bonin Bough, marketing executive over billion-dollar consumer product good brands, will explain how to create value by hacking your business.
Petfood Forum 2020 announces keynote Bonin Bough, host of CNBC’s ‘The Cleveland Hustles’ and awarded marketing expert of billion-dollar consumer product goods.
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Lennox recalls pig ear dog treats for Salmonella

The recalled products where shipped to nationwide distributors and/or retail stores from May 1 to July 3.
Public health officials in the United States continue investigating 93 cases of Salmonella infection in humans, as of July 17, which pig ear dog treats may have spread.
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