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Lily’s Kitchen natural pet food gets UK Royal Warrant

Lily’s Kitchen produces premium natural and organic dog and cat foods, as well as treats and dental chews, all of which come in recyclable containers.
Lily’s Kitchen, a natural dog and cat food company in the United Kingdom, received a Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales.
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84.9 million pet-owning US households in 2018, dogs #1

Half of all U.S. households owned dogs in 2018, according to APPA’s 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey.
In the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) annual survey, 67% of respondents’ households in the United States owned some type of pet, ranging from guppies to horses, during 2018.
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Clean label: A complex pet food trend for pet owners

There is no official definition of “clean label,” but that doesn’t mean pet food customers don’t have plenty of ideas when it comes to shopping for clean label pet food.
Just because there is not an official definition of “clean label,” it doesn’t mean pet food customers don’t have their own ideas of what this means when it comes to shopping for clean label pet food.
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Petfood Forum Europe tackles online success, brand loyalty

Pet food experts to focus on online sales models, social media, brand loyalty, sustainability and more.
Learn how to develop and grow online pet food sales, collect data on pets and their owners and use social media to build or revive your pet food brand.
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