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Lawsuit filed over Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalled dog food

The plaintiff seeks monetary compensation and an injunction to prevent Hill's from selling pet food with dangerous levels of vitamin D.
Lawyers representing dog owner John Navarrete filed a class action lawsuit against Hill's Pet Nutrition related to elevated levels of vitamin D in the pet food company’s recalled wet dog food.
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4 top influences on pet food purchases, nutrition info #1

Overall, pet owners craved information about the nutritional value of pet products and wanted that information clearly and abundantly presented on pet food packaging.
Four factors most influence pet owners’ decisions to purchase particular pet foods in a survey by pet food packaging manufacturer Luminer.
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UK specialty retailer stockpiles pet food before Brexit

Last year, the retailer’s chief executive officer, Peter Prichard, said that the company had started importing more pet products in preparation for Brexit.
British pet specialty retailer Pets at Home plans to stockpile up to GBP8 million of pet food as a bulwark against effects of a potential hard Brexit.
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Pet food ingredient solutions for current trends

Pet food ingredient suppliers share how their companies work to meet the demands of formulators looking to keep up with current consumer trends.
Pet food ingredient suppliers share how they're working to meet the needs of formulators looking to keep up with current pet consumer trends.
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