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    Petfood ingredients: grain-free versus carbohydrates

    Some petfood manufacturers are meeting consumers' demands for grain-free petfoods by replacing the grains with other forms of starch or carbohydrates, said Anton Beynen, PhD, of Vobra Special Petfoods. He presented at Petfood Forum Asia 2014.


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    • Two hundred years ago, dogs were not eating rice, corn, wheat, etc. They were eating meat. Two hundred years ago dogs were not getting sick from cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Great quality dog food manufactures like Origen and Natures Varity understand and know this. How can any major dog food manufacturer compare the quality of their food to say, Hi Bio Super Food by Evanger's where they use GMO free ingredients (no antibiotics or hormones added) 85% Meat all sourced in the USA, and is gluten free. The vast majority of the public does not understand or know any better because of the marketing campaigns put on by the dog food conglomerates. Granted, the premium dog foods are more expensive; however, isn't it worth spending extra money to have your dog lead a happy and healthy life. Robert Riley, a dog food expert (google him) states Origen Adult Dog Food is the single best investment you can make in your dog. Many people who could afford to purchase the best dog food and certainly would but they don't know any better because of marketing and advertising from the major players in the industry. What a shame. Many dogs could be leading much healthier lives if only the vast majority of the population only knew the truth. Bigger isn't better in the dog food industry.