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On November 16, 2012

Petfood labeling, petfood safety webinars to be hosted in December

Extru-Tech to sponsor webinar, December 11, with experts on petfood safety

On December 11, WATT/Petfood Industry will broadcast a webinars on petfood safety, sponsored by Extru-Tech Inc.

The webinar, called “FSMA is coming tomorrow – what you need to do today” will start at 9 a.m. CT. Speakers include Dr. David Acheson, partner and managing director, food import safety, Leavitt Partners LLC, and Jim Giranda, vice president of food safety & quality systems, American Nutrition. This webinar will be moderated by Petfood Industry editor-in-chief Debbie Phillips-Donaldson.

The speakers will cover:

• How to develop your overall Food Safety Plan, including key preventive controls you must have in place to ensure the safety of your products and compliance with likely FSMA regulations
• If you rely on any type of imported ingredient or finished product, you will learn about the major changes around importation of FDA regulated foods
• Learn how to manage current and likely future requirements around product tracking and how to maximize your ROI.

Previously, on Tuesday, December 4, Trouw Nutrition USA sponsored a webinar on "Hot topics in petfood labeling." Moderated by Petfood Industry managing editor Jessica Taylor, the webinar featured speakers Dr. David Dzanis, DVM, PhD, DACVN, Regulatory Discretion Inc., and Dr. Angele Thompson, president, Thompson PetTech.

The speakers covered:

• Up-to-date information on petfood labeling requirements
• What changes to state and federal labeling rules may be expected in the future
• Resources to help you keep up with current petfood labeling requirements

View the archive of the December 4 webinar here.

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