On November 29, 2012

Top 25 global petfood companies profiled in database

Find information about the industry-leading players worldwide in this exclusive listing—plus over 90 more companies

For about a decade, Petfood Industry has featured the top petfood companies worldwide in the January issue. That article is among the most viewed each month on, often for months and even years after it was initially published.

Figuring that this large and steady online usage means petfood professionals are hungry for this type of information, we decided to expand it. Previously, we have offered a brief list of companies (usually 10 to 15) based on data generously provided by research firm Euromonitor International. This year, we set out to find data on more companies, along with more information about each company.

The results are available now in an exclusive new Top Petfood Companies database. To use the database, you have to register and log in to the site; registration is free and simple to do. The top 25 global petfood companies are also highlighted in the January issue of Petfood Industry.

If your company is missing from the online database, or you wish to add to or correct the data in it, please contact us at

Our methodology for  compiling the database and the listings here involved collecting data from every available resource, including combing our circulation list and sending direct inquiries to readers of the magazine. We also used other sources such as business and government reports, other third-party data (such as Euromonitor’s, in some cases) and the companies’ own websites, annual reports and responses to our questionnaire.

From all those sources, we pieced together the profile of each company in the database and, from those, culled the top 25 based on annual revenue (see Figure 1 and this table). We acknowledge, however, that the database is missing some key players in the industry as well as important information on some companies that are included. (For example, we were able to find annual revenue for only 48 of the 118 companies.)

Thus, the top 25 companies might be slightly in the wrong order; the listing might also be missing one or two companies. If you have information that might help fill in any gaps or correct data here or in the database, please let us know by emailing

This article and the database reflect each company’s status as of the end of 2011, because we wanted to start with the most recent year for which we could find full, complete data. (For the top 10 companies, 2010 data is also available in the database.) Therefore, events such as mergers and acquisitions that happened in 2012 will not be reflected until we update the database later in 2013; we have tried to note those events where applicable.

You will be asked to register to view all the data; registration is free and takes just a minute. Once you have registered or logged in, you can also search the database by company name, geographic markets served or key product categories. We hope you find the new Top Petfood Companies database to be a useful resource.

More top companies online

Visit to access the full Top Petfood Companies database, which is searchable by company name, geographic markets served and key product categories. To use the database, you must register; registration is free and simple. You can find a table of the top 25 companies in the January issue of Petfood Industry.

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