Pet Food Market Trends
on June 5, 2014

New petfood products follow functional human food trends

Petfood product launches at this year’s Global Pet Expo and Interzoo mirror many health and wellness trends in human food

Global sales of functional human foods and beverages reached US$118 billion in 2012, up 5% from the year before, according to Nutrition Business Journal as cited by A. Elizabeth Sloan in the April issue of FoodTechnology. The US has the largest sales at US$43.9 billion, an increase of 6.9% over 2011, followed by Japan (US$22 billion), UK (US$8.08 billion) and Germany (US$6.4 billion).

If you shift the focus somewhat, to health and wellness products, there is almost unlimited potential globally, Sloan wrote, especially in emerging markets with their fast-growing middle classes, rising disposable incomes, and increasing numbers of working and educated women. For example, she reported that in 2013, China saw the largest expenditure on health and wellness retail products, according to Euromonitor, followed by Brazil, the US, Russia and Mexico.

Similarly, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation’s 2014 Food and Health Survey, fielded in March and April 2014, found that 71% of US consumers cited healthfulness as a driver in their food and beverage choices, up from 61% in 2013. Further, healthfulness has almost caught up to price (at 73%) as a factor in food choices.

As goes human food, so goes petfood, almost in lock step these days. Thus, new petfood and treat products on display at this year’s major pet trade shows to date, Global Pet Expo and Interzoo 2014, followed many of the functional, health and wellness trends in human food.

For example, Sloan listed specialty nutritionals as one of the top…

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