Pet Food Market Trends / Pet Food Additives / Supplements
on May 11, 2016

Pet parents supplementing cat, dog food kibble

Pet owners are becoming increasingly interested in “fine-tuning” their pets’ diets with pet food add-ons such as gravies, toppers and supplements.

With the humanization of pet dogs and cats, pet owners are involved not simply in feeding their pets, but in “curating” and fine-tuning what they feed their pets, factoring in everything from pet nutrition and digestibility concerns to pet pampering instincts and favorite flavors. And it’s not just about table scraps, although nearly half of dog owners and a fourth of cat owners engage in this time-honored form of food trickle-down.

For some pet owners, going all out with home-made meal preparation allows them to customize their pet’s diet and ensure ingredient quality and freshness, as well as expressing care for their pets—just as in the case with home-made meals for less-furry members of the family. Packaged Facts’ April 2016 Pet Owner Survey shows that 16% of dog owners and 9% of cat owners have made home-cooked meals (excluding treats) for their dogs and cats in the last 30 days (see Table 1). These home-made items might include grilled meat, or a baked sweet potato or stewed pumpkin, or eggs, among other healthful and tasty indulgences.


While dry pet food continues to reign supreme, an increasing number of pet owners are choosing to supplement their pets’ meals with toppings, gravies or other mixes that add variety and nutrition to pet diets.

A larger segment of pet parents opt for “home-mixing” of commercial pet foods, which is a lighter lift for busy pet parents than home-made. In keeping with the greater popularity of canned/moist pet food among cat owners, 47% of…

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