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on March 10, 2017

R-Trade sees opportunity in Russia pet food market

Innovation key to the success of the market’s future

Over the past few years, Moscow, Russia-based pet food manufacturer R-Trade has been among the most well-known market players in the country. The company owns several brands of pet food — Trapeza, Oskar and MoAmi — and has worked hard to secure a stable share in Russian pet food sales in spite of the challenges the country’s pet food industry is currently facing.

The path to success in a difficult market

According to Eugene Trukhanov, R-Trade brand manager, the company’s secret is the well-coordinated efforts of the company’s workers and executive staff. “Our team has been working in a well-orchestrated manner for more than five years,” says Trukhanov. “Of course, to some extent we are all interchangeable with regards to our positions, but each of us is a serious expert in his own field — from packaging design to cost estimates and forecasting.”

R-Trade has some distinctive features when compared to other market players in Russia, says Trukhanov, and the most important feature is the company’s flexible pricing policy in cooperation with R-Trade’s partners in every sales channel. Thanks to this, in 2015 the company was able to sign contracts with every major client and retail chain it set its sights on.

Following Aristotle’s concept of “movement is life,” R-Trade relies on a strategy of constant development. The company has recently updated its product range: in particular, the modernization of its cat food products under the MonAmi brand; and the introduction of two new dog food products in the Trapeza…

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