GF Piping Systems COOL-FIT ABS Plus pre-insulated plastic piping system


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The COOL-FIT ABS Plus from GF Piping Systems is a complete pre-insulated plastic piping system for secondary cooling and refrigeration that meets the food processing industry's low temperature requirements. The energy efficient system is designed for conveying a wide range of water-based coolants including water, iced water, ice slurries, as well as salt, organic salt, glycol and alcohol solutions.

COOL-FIT features non-corroding, maintenance-free performance and can handle temperaturesfrom -58°F to 104°F (-50 °C to +40 °C) at an operating pressure of up to 10 bar, and within diameters from ¾" to 12" (d25 to d315). The system has a core pipe made of ABS, which is insulated with high density polyurethane (PUR). The insulation is protected with the option for pre-insulated pipe and fittings with outer jackets in either black or white. The white version is ideal for hygienic environments while the black outer jacket's UV resistance makes it suitable for outdoor applications.

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