Trending: Pet Food podcast

Trending: Pet Food podcast 

The pet food industry is a constantly evolving landscape of trends and consumer needs. Join Petfood Industry magazine Editor Lindsay Beaton every other Wednesday as she interviews industry experts and covers hot topics affecting the world of pet food. If pet food is your thing and you want to know what’s trending, subscribe today and tune in!

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EPISODE 18What are the benefits and needs of diversity in pet food consumer research?

Founder of Pet Insights and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harris-Stowe State University Dr. Jill Villarreal and I discussed the need for and benefits of diversity in all parts of the pet food industry, from the intern-to-career pipeline and research teams to research methodology and consumer surveying. Do you want to know how to increase diversity in your consumer research, in your company or in the future of the pet food industry? This is a do-not-miss conversation.

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EPISODE 17: What do pet owners really want out of their pet food packaging?

Vice President of Marketing, North America for Mondi Consumer Flexible Packaging Bill Kuecker and Market Development Manager for Presto Products Company’s Fresh-Lock business unit Tom Morsheimer sat down with me live at SuperZoo 2022 to dive deep into all things pet food packaging. Get comfy or start your favorite podcast-chore combo, because this one is well worth the time.  

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EPISODE 16How might a company in the human CPG space branch out into the pet food world?

Harvey Agency President Matt McDermott and I spoke about the similarities and differences between the human consumer packaged goods space and the pet food space, how one influences the other, and how a company in the human food space might succeed in adding pet to their portfolio. Tune in for a deep dive into all the CPG-to-pet-food business strategy insights! 

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EPISODE 15: What role does having the right people play in in building a successful business strategy?

Better Choice Company CEO Scott Lerner sat down with me to discuss hiring strategies for the current business climate, who you need around you to succeed, and the benefits of being willing to take chances and break the mold of "traditional" hiring practices. You don't have to be in pet food to get something out of this episode! 

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EPISODE 14: How is sustainability currently shaping the pet food landscape?

Pet Sustainability Coalition Director of Strategic Initiatives and Sustainability Melissa Bauer and I had a great conversation about one of the major trends currently shaping the future of pet food: Sustainability. We discussed urgency, challenges, and hope for the future. Tune in to hear all about it!

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EPISODE 13What does a successful social media strategy look like in the pet space?

Sparkloft Media Senior Social Media Strategist Jason Dominy and I discussed all things social media: What consumers are expecting from their interactions with companies, how this marketing platform has grown and diversified, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of interacting with your customers. Tune in for all the tips you need to succeed!

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EPISODE 12What do the current and future landscapes of CBD in the pet industry look like?

Treatibles Founder and CEO Julianna Carella sat down with me and we discussed all things CBD and pet. She's been involved in cannabis and CBD in the human and animal space, has been involved in regulations and building the segment, and shared her opinions on where we're at and what still needs to be done to expand the CBD products segment in pet. Listen in for all the latest insights!

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EPISODE 11What purpose do pet supplements serve, and what does the future of this growing segment look like?

Native Pet Co-founder and CEO Dan Schaefer came on to discuss the pet supplements segment, how to stand out in a crowded market, the complexities of regulations, and what the future of supplements looks like. Tune in to get the scoop!

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EPISODE 10How can those in the pet food industry properly navigate their sustainability business plans?

Project Hive Pet Company Co-founder and CSO/CFO Melissa Rappaport Schifman and I did a deep dive into sustainability business planning: Where to begin, what certifications are out there, what you should focus on and how you can succeed no matter what your business's goals are. Listen in for insights on this timely topic!

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EPISODE 09What does the future of the pet food industry look like?

Companion animal nutrition Ph.D. student at Kansas State University Logan Kilburn sat down with me live at Petfood Forum 2022 to discuss the future of the pet food industry. We covered everything from what her generation is looking for in an employer to how she hopes to impact the industry, so tune in for insights on how to attract and retain new talent as well as what pet food might look like down the road.

EPISODE 08What is the current state of the pet food supply chain, and what can we do about it?

Pet Food Institute President and CEO Dana Brooks, along with Senior Vice President of Public Policy Betsy Flores, joined me for a deep dive into the current supply chain challenges the pet food industry is dealing with. We discussed short- and long-term solutions, as well as how the industry can get together to ensure everyone can continue doing business. Tune in to find out where we're at.  

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EPISODE 07: The Petfood Forum 2022 30th anniversary special

On this Very Special Episode of Trending: Pet Food, WATT Global Media President and CEO Greg Watt; Executive Vice President of Global Petfood & Events Steve Akins; and Sales Manager Melissa Thrune discuss the successes that have brought Petfood Forum to celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022. Tune in to get the scoop on how Forum started, where it's at, and where it's going. This year's Petfood Forum is coming up on May 2-4, 2022, and we hope to see you there!

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EPISODE 06: How can pet food companies be brand ambassadors in the digital age?

Award-winning multimedia pet lifestyle consultant, author and industry spokesperson Sandy Robins sat down with me to discuss pet owner purchasing habits, where consumers get their information, trust in the pet food industry and how pet food companies can properly promote their brands in the digital (and overall omnichannel) era. If you want to know what your online brand strategy should look like, tune in!

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EPISODE 05: What does it mean to have a successful product launch?

Vice President of R&D, Nutrition and Scientific Affairs for Simmons Pet Food Leah Lambrakis and I spoke about what a successful product launch looks like, some of the stumbling blocks and how to overcome them, and what the top items are to keep in mind as you're moving through the process of bringing a new product to market. She'll also be one of our Petfood Essentials (part of Petfood Forum 2022) speakers discussing "managing expectations, timelines and competing priorities" as part of this year's theme, "The path to product development success." Listen in to refine your product development plans as well as get a preview of this year's Petfood Essentials!

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EPISODE 04: What is leadership culture?

CEO of CultureWorx and co-author of "From Culture to Culture: The System to Define, Implement, Measure and Improve Your Company Culture" Dr. Donte Vaughn came on to take apart and put back together the ideas behind corporate leadership culture. Whether you're looking to ensure your company culture is where it needs to be to attract top talent or angling for a preview of the Petfood Forum 2022 Workforce Panel, during which Dr. Vaughn will be speaking about "How to design, measure and improve your leadership culture to increase employee engagement and productivity," this is a discussion worth listening in on.

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EPISODE 03: What kinds of solutions are out there for sustainable packaging?

Market Manager for NOVA Chemicals and panelist at Petfood Forum 2022 Nicole Skaugen was kind enough to sit down with me and dive into a discussion of pet food packaging sustainability solutions. We covered a lot of ground and set things up nicely for her talk at Petfood Forum in May. Check it out!

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EPISODE 02: How can pet food companies effectively tell their stories to gain and maintain consumer trust in the marketplace?

Bob Wheatley, founder and CEO of Emergent, The Healthy Living Agency, came on the show to discuss all things branding and consumer trust. How can you make your brand stand out with a story that consumers know they can rely on? It's a hot topic in pet food and worth the listen.

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EPISODE 01: What do you really need to do in order to be called a true innovator in the pet food world?

In our inaugural episode we speak with Marcel Blok, CEO of Change Stranamics, and cover a lot of ground regarding innovation. What is it, really? Is there any TRUE innovation happening in the pet food industry? How can you build a team dedicated to innovation? Listen in to find out!

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