Nyle Systems LLC

Brewer, Maine 04412

Company Overview
12 Stevens Rd
Brewer, Maine 04412
United States
Phone:1.800.777.6953 x 222
Nyle Systems, a manufacturing firm based in Brewer, ME, manufactures a line of industrial grade Dehydrators/ Dryers. These units feature ‘Heat Pump’ dehydration technology that enables very high energy efficiencies versus conventional dryers. The line is comprised of 4 models, FD10, FD14, FD24 and the FD60. Each unit has a dehumidifier and a corresponding insulated drying chamber as well as a control system that incorporates a touch screen HMI and can be remotely controlled through your smart phone. These chambers are expandable based on customer preference. This line of dehydrators is designed to operate at a relatively low temperature range of 80°F to 160°F and be independent of ambient air conditions, i.e. consistent drying, making them an ideal solution for several pet food segments: Dry Pet Food and Pet Treats! Nyle Systems LLC is a highly innovative company dedicated to providing quality products that meet the needs of its customers and the environment. Nyle , in business for nearly 40 years, has its roots in the lumber drying industry, providing large drying kilns to lumber companies and also manufacturers heat pump water heating solutions to businesses and consumers. For more information on our food products, please call (800) 777-6953,x-222 or visit www. dry.nyle.com
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