Schenck Process app for all IoT solutions

Schenck Process app for all IoT solutions

The from Schenck Process is an app for all IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. With this platform, producers can visualize the status of all machines in one place. 

The offers the freedom to integrate all IoT solutions. No data silos anymore as data can be collected from any machine (also non-IoT machines can be retrofitted), analytics or sensors. It is an open system, highly scalable and offers everything in one place, independently of its vendors.

In addition, the visualizes the status of the machine, and provides data analyses through a variety of Add-Ons. Customers can chose to go either directly with or with third party services.

This app also limits for every data point can be defined and thereby, any event can trigger a phone call, email or API call. This can be used for example to be notified if there is a problem in the plant or to order spare parts or maintenance automatically.

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