Webinar: Why my pets eat better than I do

Natasha Davis, client service manager at GfK, walks the audience through the changing face of pet food over the years and its current state as premium trends extend beyond Pet Specialty.

Jul 9th, 2018
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In the presentation, “My Pets Eat Better than Me, Here’s Why…” Natasha Davis walks the audience through the changing face of pet food over the years and its current state as premium trends extend beyond Pet Specialty. According to GfK’s MRI study, nearly 70% of US households  with cats and dogs increased by more than 10 share points from the early days of 2012. This number is steadily on the rise as younger generations opt for pet parenting in place of the serious duties of child rearing. As these generations gain influence at the point of purchase, their demands for healthier, more transparent and ethically sourced pet foods are more apparent. During this session, Davis will highlight some humanistic trends driving “premiumization” in Pet Specialty and how some new, and not-so-new, categories are transforming as a result. Representing approximately 11,000 pet outlets throughout the US, GfK’s point-of-sale (POS) panel tracks pet food purchases for both pet superstores and neighborhood shops – the ideal view for spotting new item trends as they surface, go mainstream, and eventually fade. “Premiumization” continues, but only through meticulous strategies that not only cater to the changing needs of shoppers (and their pets), but also to the demands of the retailer. Together, we will look at the latest trends at Pet Specialty retail to identify the winning play for 2018 and beyond.



  • How sales are trending at retail
  • Humanization trends that drive pet food sales
  • What customers are willing to pay
  • New product launches: What’s innovative? What’s hot?
  • The changing purchasing habits of consumers as the demographic shifts to younger generations with different mindsets

This webinar is sponsored by Camlin Fine Sciences and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Natasha Davis, client service manager at GfK

Natasha Davis, Client Service Manager at GfK, has a background in helping business leaders make vital decisions using data and analytics. Her experience includes measuring audience engagement in digital publishing, to enhancing learning outcomes in higher education, to now, measuring and researching the rapidly evolving pet landscape. She received her B.A. in Applied Mathematics from the William Paterson University of New Jersey and is an MBA Candidate at Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business. At GfK, Natasha works directly with pet food manufacturers to understand trends in the market and identify areas of opportunity. Her keen sense of numbers and how they behave help her to hone in on trends within the Pet Specialty channel.

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