Sara Cutler, PhD

Dr. Cutler is a scientist of supplements and antioxidants at Kemin Nutrisurance


A computer rendering of salmonella

More on probiotics in petfood

When searching for that probiotic to maintain that relationship for your pet, there are multiple considerations to contemplate including the lifestyle of that animal and the nutritional challenges it faces
Pathogenic bacteria cause disease and exposure to these is an unpleasant experience.  However, maintenance of the proper microbes in the intestinal tract allows animals to gain nutrients from their food that they cannot absorb from their own digestion.
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A computer rendering of salmonella

The possibilities of probiotics in petfood

A scientist from Kemin Nutrisurance explains the benefits of "good" bacteria and their potential as supplements in petfood
It’s no secret that bacteria have a bad rap. With constant marketing of hand gels, soaps, wipes and other personal antibacterial products, it’s not surprising that most of the non-scientific public fears bacteria.
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