Dr. Lucy Waldron

Dr. Lucy Waldron runs LWT Animal Nutrition, a research and nutrition consultancy business based in New Zealand with clients worldwide. She assists companies in the development and registration of pet food and supplements and also offers data analysis and technical writing services.



Controlling pet gut health using specialty feed ingredients

A recent review of scientific trials highlights the usefulness of certain pet food formulation ingredients for gut health.
The gut is more than a place for digestion—it is a major point of contact for the immune system, stimulating correct responses for the control of pathogens from the environment that have been consumed. In dogs, their fondness for scavenging material can make them more vulnerable to exposure to disease-causing bacteria (which can then colonize the gut wall, leading to diarrhea and flatulence), but pets also love to go where their owners would prefer they don’t. There are now several products available that have been developed specifically to prevent these problems.
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