Lee Linthicum, Euromonitor International

Lee Linthicum, Euromonitor International

Lee Linthicum is the global petfood and pet care research manager for Euromonitor International (www.euromonitor.com). Contact him at lee.linthicum@euromonitor.com.


Analyzing Asian markets

China, India and Thailand are among the fastest growing global markets
Asia-Pacific contains many emerging markets- such as China, India and Thailand. These markets are characterized by relatively low levels of disposable income and a still developing distribution infrastructure. So, the highly developed Japanese market dominates regional sales. However, the region's developing markets are catching up.
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Will private label petfood sales rebound?

Globally, the shift toward premium petfood is depressing the growth of private label petfoods
Although private label products occupy a prominent position in the dog and cat food marketplace, Euromonitor International data shows that their overall global market value share fell slightly from 10.8% to 10.6% between 2003 and 2006. However, beneath this headline decline a more complex picture of regional and category trends emerges, and, taken together, these trends suggest that private label dog and cat food will pose a renewed threat to branded products in the medium term.
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