Emily Woon

Emily Woon is the global head of pet care research for Euromonitor International.



Private label petfood performance in global markets

A whistle-stop tour of regional petfood markets, from North America to Australasia and Europe to Latin America, sheds some light on trends in private label sales
The proportion of value sales accounted for by private label in the US$61.9 billion global petfood market (2010) stood at 11.6% in 2009, up by just 10 basis points since 2004. However, this stable global market share belies significant inter- and intra-regional variations. Global market share may be stable, but it masks a much more complex regional picture.
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Is petfood recession-proof?

US pet owners don't seem to be cutting back much on petfood spending
Apparently US pet owners are not cutting back much on petfood spending. The only categories showing a drop in volume are mid-priced and economy dog foods and economy cat foods. Given the troubled economy and gas prices, it doesn't seem logical. Maybe because petfood buying is becoming more and more emotional - combined with US pet owners focusing more on quality, taste and function rather than price.
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