Give your brand a scientific edge with pet-proven postbiotics

Give your brand a scientific edge with pet-proven postbiotics

Fresh insights and the latest postbiotic research to help accelerate your innovation pipeline.

Brand Insights from Cargill

The cat market is growing: Is your innovation pipeline ready?

Watch this webinar to see the latest cat nutrition new product development trends, learn how postbiotics can be a high-impact innovation tool for pet food innovators, and review some of the first feline postbiotic research.

Watch the on-demand webinar here.

Healthy Cats, Happier Cat Parents

Are you a cat food innovator? Download this e-book to get exclusive insights from cat parents. You will learn which health challenges their cat’s face most often, the proactive health claims they value most, and how nutrition plays a role in supporting cat health and wellness.

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One Ingredient, Infinite Possibilities

Support multiple pet-proven health claims pet parents highly value with a single low-inclusion ingredient. Download this e-book to see how you can differentiate your brand with the proven power of TruMuneâ„¢ postbiotic.

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