Unleash the Power of Postbiotics in Pets

Unleash the Power of Postbiotics in Pets

An advanced, natural health product for your four-legged friends that promotes more healthy days. 

Brand Insights from Diamond V

TruMune® postbiotic pet food additive is an advanced, natural* immune health product made from a proprietary fermentation process that promotes pet wellbeing and vitality. Our pet food ingredient is 100% natural, with nutrients that have been proven to support a strong gut, sensitive stomach, and promote a healthier microbiome.

Developed specifically for use in dog and cat diets, TruMune postbiobic incorporates dual-action functionality for optimal pet health and wellness, working naturally with the biology of the animal. Research demonstrates additional benefits that help support and maintain:

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Pet food manufacturers serve increasingly diverse and demanding customers around the world. The variety of products continues to grow. We’re constantly searching for innovative, natural, nutritional health solutions to optimize health, wellness, and vitality. Research-proven TruMune postbiotic meets the need to support immune function and digestive health in all varieties of complete pet foods and treats, manufactured in all types of conventional pet food facilities.


Research shows that gut health and immune health are linked. When these systems function optimally, dogs are healthier and more comfortable engaging in behaviors associated with health, such as playing and running. A 2018 study showed that dogs fed TruMune postbiotic were 15% more active than control dogs when running over a set distance following a trainer’s vehicle.

TruMune is backed by Diamond V research that includes more than 425 controlled research studies and 120 peer-reviewed publications across our portfolio of solutions for dairy, beef, poultry, swine, equine, aqua, and pet.

Learn more about TruMune® postbiotic pet food additive here.


TruMune™ by Diamond V® is designed to address specific real-world challenges pets face and provide more healthy days. Defined by AAFCO as a natural health ingredient for use in dog and cat diets, TruMune’s dual-action effect supports the body’s natural immune and digestive systems. Our unique combination of postbiotics and bioactive compounds work naturally with the animal’s biology to maintain immune strength and promote a healthy microbial balance. TruMune helps improve energy, activity, and vitality for more youthful animals. For over 75 years animal nutritionists and veterinarians worldwide have recognized Diamond V’s leadership in research and development of microbial fermentation technology.

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