From trends to bowls, unique insights to maximize pet food performance

From trends to bowls, unique insights to maximize pet food performance

Market analysis, insightful tips on palatability, health and nutrition… all you need to improve pet's well-being and owners' satisfaction.

Brand Insights from Diana Pet Food.

Pet food trends and innovations in North America

NATIVE Diana Pet food trends

In 2020, North American pet food and treat sales increased by 8.1% according to Euromonitor. However, some trends and consumer habits have shown stronger acceleration. The rise of e-commerce and a shift of pet ownership toward the highest revenue households have made the way clear for innovations confirming ongoing trends such as premiumization, preventive care solutions, natural and clean label diets, and new emotional discoveries.



[Infographic] – 9 reasons why protein hydrolysates support pet health and add value to pet food

NATIVE Diana Infographic 9 reasons

Animal protein hydrolysates are multifaceted ingredients. Highly digestible, palatable, hypoallergenic, bioactive… they boost pet food nutritional properties and bring numerous health benefits to cat and dogs.



Life cycle assessment: How to measure pet food environmental impact

Life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment is a standardized method to evaluate the impact of a product on the environment during its whole life. From the identification of the impacts to the calculation of an environmental score, this complete analysis enables manufacturers to develop pet foods that meet pet parents’ desire for sustainability.



A look at 2020 regional pet food innovations and further opportunities

NATIVE Diana A look at 2020 market

The pet food market has seen a steady growth in new product launches activity in 2020. Big players and niche brands have remained innovative to please the growing number of pet owners during the pandemic. This results in the strengthening of certain trends that align further with the ongoing humanisation of pet food.



The pet food market: the present and near future

NATIVE Diana pet food market

In 2021 more than ever, consumers are expecting more transparency around pet food ingredients, as natural and clean label trends echo those seen in human food innovation. Pet owners are also looking for functional benefits to help reduce the risk of their pets developing lifestyle diseases. Pet food safety remains a concern for owners, and brands are responding by highlighting ingredient quality, and reducing unwanted additives.



[Infographic] – The golden rules for reliable pet food palatability measurement in cat and dog expert panels

NATIVE Diana Infographic Golden Rules

Palatability is a critical attribute that could transform a pet food launch from top… to flop! That’s why pet food manufacturers truly need to have a precise and objective evaluation of their products’ performance. Sensory evaluation in expert panels of dogs and cats might be relevant provided it is done in a way to avoid biases and guarantee reliable conclusions. Working with many healthy, happy animals, ensuring a varied dietary experience, and strictly controlling testing conditions is essential to obtain consistent results.


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