Ask the Extru-Technician – Episode 5

Ask the Extru-Technician – Episode 5

Process efficiencies and automation.

Brand Insights from Extru-Tech,Inc.

Today's industry needs higher process efficiencies to help the bottom line. In Episode 5 of β€œAsk the Extru-Technician”, Jay Porkorny, Innovation Leader at Extru-Tech, Inc. and Dr. Greg Aldrich, Research Professor/Pet Food Program Coordinator at KSU, discuss how quality checks are being incorporated into extrusion manufacturing processes and plants with the use of sensors at line that will continuously look at the quality of the product coming through the line in real time. Learn more about how new automation helps improve process efficiencies.


Ask the Extru-Technician: Episode 5 from WATT Global Media on Vimeo.

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