Product Freshness Pet Food Resource Center

Product Freshness Pet Food Resource Center

Resources to help you innovate with cleaner labels while appealing to consumer demands for product freshness.

Brand Insights from Kerry

New insights available on pet owner perceptions of product ingredients and freshness

Kerry new insights

Kerry surveyed 330 U.S. dog and cat owners to uncover their perceptions of pet food and treat ingredients and product freshness.

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Help Improve product freshness with ingredients consumers understand

Kerry product freshness

90% of pet owners agree that it is important to read their pet’s food or treat labels before making a purchase and product freshness has appeal for all pet owners. Kerry EverWild™ can help improve pet food palatability performance, appearance and deliver the fresh appeal pet owners are seeking.

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Webinar: Unlocking food safety in plant-based meat

Plant-based pet food demand is on the rise as consumers seek to add more plants to their own diets. However, protecting and perfecting meat alternatives comes with a unique set of challenges. Watch this webinar to hear from food safety experts on ways food manufacturers can maintain product quality throughout shelf-life with meat alternatives.

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Unlock consumer truths to food safety

Kerry consumer truths

82% of U.S. pet owners are concerned with the safety of their pet’s food, and these concerns are likely driven by perceptions of their own foods. Test your food safety knowledge to uncover consumer food safety perceptions and how you can protect and perfect your products to meet consumer demands. 

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