Leveraging Analytical Data in Your Pet Food Operations

Leveraging Analytical Data in Your Pet Food Operations

Brands and individuals are evolving due to changing regulations, shifting consumer buying habits and demands for innovative products. 

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It is a uniquely challenging and exciting time to be a part of the pet food industry.

Organizations are adapting to the impacts of labor shortages, historic supply chain snags, and are feeling pressure to incorporate more sustainability in their business practices. Brands and individuals are evolving to changing regulations, shifting consumer buying habits and demands for innovative products.

Midwest Laboratories is standing shoulder to shoulder with organizations as they look to make strategic business decisions. Whether a client is looking to expand their product line, diversify their ingredient sources, change their packaging, or even looking to stay ahead of trends the team at Midwest Laboratories helps organizations leverage third party analytical data in their operations.

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Who Can Benefit from Third-Party Analysis?

The pet food team at Midwest Laboratories  has been supporting ingredient suppliers, co-packers, manufacturers, retailers, and pet food brands as they navigate the pet food landscape for over a decade. They help these parties understand the value of third-party analytical testing data in their operations. 

It can look different for each client.

The client can be a first-time producer who wants to know what a third-party analysis could tell them about their current pet food formulation. Midwest Laboratories will help clients to understand if their products will meet AAFCO standards before mass producing a finished product.

Sometimes the client is an at-home pet treat maker who is exploring their outside of work passion and is interested in selling their homemade treats at the local farmer’s market. Midwest Laboratories will help them use analytical testing data to properly label their products.

Midwest Laboratories assists manufacturing and co-packing companies reformulate their products to meet proximate thresholds for labeling or state specific licensing requirements. These companies are looking to utilize analytical data to ensure their ingredients meet label claims before they embark on a costly reformulation process and the information that Midwest Laboratories provides is key in making that determination.

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Pet food retailers benefit from the safety net that objective third-party analytical testing can provide to ensure that the products on their shelves are safe. These clients use the data provided by Midwest Laboratories to help protect themselves against costly recalls, food fraud, or faulty labeling claims.

The team at Midwest Laboratories can help companies looking to become more eco-conscious by switching up their packaging to be recyclable or waste reducing. Midwest Labs runs customizable shelf-life studies to equip their clients with a better understanding of the implications of packaging on finished products over time.

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The Pet Food team can help the company that is evolving because of an acquisition and is trying to better understand the dry, wet, and finish ingredients being used before they commit to a full expansion of their product offerings. They are going to use data to understand ingredient specifications as they look at long term margin and ingredient availability trends.

Everyone who is a part of the pet food industry benefits from better understanding their products. Analytical testing data helps with everything from ensuring safety plans and protocols are being followed to ensuring that products are labeled correctly.

In this way data can be a huge instrument of change to business models and bottom lines. In the end pet owners and pets benefit from having a variety of safe, nutrient dense, and health preserving products on the shelves.

How Do I Get Started?

The team at Midwest Laboratories can act as an invaluable, time saving resource for you in figuring out how to leverage analytical data in your pet food operations. Midwest Laboratories serves as a one-stop analytical shop with a myriad of services and twelve specialized laboratories helping to streamline your operations.

The team of designated account managers are available for a variety of needs. They are available to answer your basic proximate and guaranteed analysis questions or to help you customize a shelf-life study to suit your business goals. They can help you identify the testing required to validate your product’s label claims. They can even help you develop custom analysis databases around the varying formulations within your product line. As the pet food industry evolves, Midwest Laboratories will continue to evolve alongside it.

Midwest Laboratories wants to see the pet food industry and the families and pets it impacts continue to thrive and they believe it begins with the safety that third party analysis ensures.

Ready to have a conversation about how to leverage third party analysis in your operations? Contact the pet food team at Midwest Laboratories today by calling us at (402) 334-7770 or send us an email at petfoodteam@midwestlabs.com.

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*110.53 billion dollar market estimation

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