Cutting-edge facility uplevels pet food manufacturers’ R&D capabilities

Cutting-edge facility uplevels pet food manufacturers’ R&D capabilities

Symrise pilot production line offers an unrivaled research facility for dry pet food insight. 

Brand Insights from Symrise Pet Food

For pet food manufacturers looking to level up their R&D capabilities and try new recipe formulations, Symrise Pet Food’s new dry pet food pilot production line is the perfect plaything. Equipped to meet the company’s own internal research and development requirements, the new pilot production line will also assist customers with their own challenges.

A complete dry pet food production overview

The pilot production line integrates the entire dry pet food production chain – from raw material preparation to coating, extrusion and kibble drying. At every stage of production, Symrise Pet Food employs cutting-edge equipment to study a wide variety of parameters that influence kibble formulation and the production process. The pilot line also enables customers to collect a wide range of data to better understand the factors that impact the kibble and its performance. 

Invaluable research & insight tool

As well as its focus on research capabilities for larger-scale replication, the dry pet food pilot production line first and foremost serves as an invaluable research tool for pet food manufacturers. It offers them insights into the use of new ingredients, recipe formulation changes, and process conditions. They can draw on the pilot line to fully pursue their research projects while saving time and capacity. The line flexibility extends to the study of other coextruded products giving them the ability to also study treats. Also, the batch preparation process and the modularity of equipment offer great flexibility to reproduce any industrial scenario.

An unrivaled, market-leading offer

Symrise Pet Food can now deliver a comprehensive overview of the pet food market ecosystem. This applies to the full dry pet food production process for both internal R&D needs as well as customer support. It complements existing unique capabilities in terms of product development and application, which includes a palatability pilot line and laboratory studies conducted both on palatability and pet food protection. It also extends to the knowledge of pet feeding preferences and behaviors from its expert measurement center Panelis. Lastly, it aligns with pet owners’ expectations coming from the social pet owner platform Yummypets and Explorer panel. 

All these elements set the company apart as the industry leader in pet food palatability, pet nutrition, and pet food protection. It also makes Symrise the partner of choice for pet food manufacturers to achieve their product and brand positioning objectives.

Bertrand de Launay, President at Symrise Pet Food concludes: "We now offer the greatest flexibility and instrumentation we know of. Our dry pet food pilot production line forms the final addition to the set of capabilities we offer pet food manufacturers. We are helping them to design future foods for pets that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow".

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About Symrise Pet Food 

Symrise Pet Food is a global leader in sustainable high-value solutions that improve pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction. The company offers multiple products and services that improve palatability, pet nutrition, and pet food protection. Symrise Pet Food is present on 5 continents with 1,750 employees, 32 sites, and 4 expert measurement centers with 1,100 dogs and cats.

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