Munson Machinery screen classifying cutter

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Phone: 1.800.944.6644


Munson Machinery Co. Inc
210 Seward Ave
Utica NY 13502
United States

Munson Machinery's screen classifying cutter reduces hard, soft and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes. The cutter tips are available in stainless steel, tool steel and tungsten carbide. The cutter has a 15-inch throat width that accommodates up to 30 parallelograms with 60 cutter inserts. Perforations of the bed screen range from 1/32- to 1-1/2-inch in diameter and up to 3 inches square. Shaft rotation speed is variable between 30 and 3,600 rpm, producing up to 500 cu. ft./hour of sized product, depending on application. 

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