Premier Tech Chronos stretch wrapper LW-300

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Contact: Huguette Gagnon
Title: Sales Assistant
Phone: 1.418.868.8324
Toll Free: 1.866.571.7354
Fax: 1.418.862.6642


Premier Tech Chronos
1 Ave Premier
Riviere-du-Loup G5R 6C1

The LW-300 Series rotary arm stretch wrapper from Premier Tech Chronos is a fully automatic system designed to apply a mechanically pre-stretched film with tension to a pallet load. Its overhead rotary arm, which eliminates the need to rotate the load, allows for high speed wrapping of heavy or unstable loads. Capacities of up to 100 loads per hour can be achieved, according to the company. The wrapper has different parameter sets and can integrate a top sheet dispenser.

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