National Bulk Equipment Inc. free-flowing dry bulk material handling system

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National Bulk Equipment Inc
12838 Stainless Dr
Holland MI 49424
United States

National Bulk Equipment Inc. offers a bulk material handling system free-flowing dry bulk material and liquid minor ingredients. The system has a blended-material process rate of 12,000 pounds per hour, according to the company. The system has dual NBE bulk bag unloaders, constructed of a 4-by-4-by-5 1/6-inch structural framework, each with a 4,000 pound frame capacity, according to NBE. The liquid supply tank and 250-cu. ft. capacity blending hopper are both constructed of 304-2b stainless steel, NBE says. The blending hopper also features a 10-inch solid mainshaft and double-ribbon agitator design.

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