PFM Packaging Machinery D480 stand-up pouch machine


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Phone: 39.0445.66.22.00
Fax: 39.0445.57.01.75


PFM Packaging Machinery
Via Pasubio 49
Torrebelvicino 36036

The PFM Packaging Machinery D480 stand-up pouch machine is a large-format HFFS machine capable of full 3D pouch format changes in under 15 minutes. The D480 achieves this with a combination of accessories including: automated servomotor-driven format positioning; Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) change-parts; tool-less changeover; fully automatic reel splicer; and self-adjusting pouch transport. These features demand low-level skill sets and minimal training. An optional fully motorized universal 45o seal bar set eliminates costly format parts and long lead times for new formats.

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