SpectraStar food analyzer product line


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Unity Scientific
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KPM Analytics Unity Scientific SpectraStar product line utilizes near-infrared reflectance (NIR) technology. SpectraStar analyzers deliver compositional analysis for a wide range of pet food sample types. SpectraStar XT analyzers are equipped for both laboratory use and at-line process control. 

  • SpectraStar XT-3:  Basic analyzer for reliable analysis of the three most common constituents measured – moisture, oil/fat, and protein.
  • SpectraStar XT-F:  Ready-to-use flour analyzer for millers and bakers to assess critical constituents including protein, moisture, ash, and more.
  • SpectraStar XT-R:  Most capable and flexible analyzer for analysis of a wide variety of constituents in complex sample types such as processed foods, ingredients, and feed.
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