Charles Ross & Son Company Double Planetary Mixers Model DPM-150 with high viscosity blades


Contact Information

Phone: 1.631.234.0500


Charles Ross & Son Company
710 Old Willets Path
PO Box 12308
Hauppauge NY 11788
United States

The Charles Ross & Son Company Double Planetary Mixers features two identical blades that move in a planetary motion, rotating on their own axes as they orbit a common axis. This Model DPM-150 comes with patented High Viscosity “HV” Blades, interchangeable jacketed vessels, electrohydraulic lift, recipe controls with data logger, and all-stainless steel sanitary, dust-tight design.

In only 36 revolutions around the vessel, the two blades pass through every point in the product zone, physically contacting the entire batch.

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