Modern Process Equipment In-Line Puck Knocker


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Contact: Corporate Headquarters
Phone: 1.773.254.3929


Modern Process Equipment Corp
3125 S Kolin Ave
Chicago IL 60623
United States

The Modern Process Equipment In-Line Puck Knocker is made to reduce product carryover in tubular drag conveyor systems. Its design is simple, effective, and makes for easy installation. The In-Line Puck Knocker is entirely stainless steel; installing on the intake side of any system drive turnaround. Each puck gently glides along the Knocker’s triangular ramp until it releases into suspension. The controlled agitation causes any residual product to fall off the chain and pucks and produces a subtle knocking sound—hence the name. In lab testing, the In-Line Puck Knocker resulted in as much as six times less carryover. Installation can be done in a matter of minutes. 

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