Mitsubishi Electric Low-Profile Direct Drive Motors (TM-RG2M / TM-RU2M)


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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
500 Corporate Woods Parkway
Vernon Hills IL 60061
United States

Built with speed and precision in mind, the Low-Profile Direct Drive Motors (TM-RG2M / TM-RU2M) from Mitsubishi Electric provides a smaller footprint and allows for more compact, efficient, and precise machines than those typically built using rotary servo motors. Applications that are well suited for the new motor include coating and vapor deposition systems, index tables, tool changers, rotary material handling robots, and rotary axis on XYθ inspection positioning systems.

Unlike rotary servo motors that are coupled to a load with a mechanical transmission such as a gear, coupling, or belt, the TM-RG2M / TM- RU2M Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor is coupled directly to a load, resulting in greater positioning accuracy, reduced energy use and less maintenance. It is ideal for use in industries such as semiconductor / LCD manufacturing, machine tool, material handling and inspection.

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