TOMRA Nimbus BSI sorting machine


Contact Information

Contact: Lars Povlsen
Phone: 32.1639.6396
Fax: 32.1639.6390


Research Park Haasrode 1622 - Romeinse Straat 20
Leuven 3001

With the Nimbus BSI sorting machine, TOMRA has made it possible for petfood manufacturers to easily remove even very small particles of foreign materials from dry meat and bone meal, ground frozen meat, biscuits residue, and dry kibble.

All TOMRA’s in-line petfood sorting solutions can handle the high throughputs that are necessary in the petfood processing industry. With TOMRA’s wide range of mechanical platforms and optical sensors, it has been possible to tailor sorting solutions for the specific challenges of creating petfood with frozen ground meat, dry meat, bone meal, and dry kibble.

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