WeighPack Systems Inc. r2b series HFFS bagger

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Phone: 1.702.450.0808
Toll Free: 1.888.934.4472
Fax: 1.702.450.6101


WeighPack Systems Inc
6603 Schuster St
Las Vegas NV 89118
United States

The r2b series of Horizontal Form Fill Seal baggers from WeighPack Systems Inc. integrates bag making, fillink, sealing and printing all in one process. The system uses laminated roll film stock and can produce an array of bags including: pillow, stand-up, carry handle, center-capping and corner-capping. The r2b 1200 produces bag widths of 6-12 inches with bag lengths of 6-11 inches. The r2b 3600 produces bag widths of 3 1/2-8 inches with bag lengths from 6-11 inches. The servo drive is rated mechanically at speeds up to 120 cpm, the company says. 

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