Clextral Inc. Preconditioner+ to optimize the extrusion process


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Contact: José Coelho
Title: President
Phone: 813.854.4434
Fax: 813.855.2269


Clextral Inc
14450 Carlson Cir
Tampa FL 33626
United States

Food and feed processors can achieve increased capacity and highest product quality with the addition of the Clextral Inc. Preconditioner+ to optimize their extrusion process. Designed for operation with both single screw and twin screw extruders, Preconditionerunits are engineered with dual sets of counter-rotating, intermeshing and adjustable paddles that ensure perfect mixing, plus liquid injection ports which can be precisely positioned to maximize liquid ingredient absorption. 

These features generate homogeneous, pre-treated material for top quality products at higher extruder throughputs with reduced SME (specific mechanical energy) and residence time. With lower torque and shear requirements, extruder screws and barrel will also experience less wear. 

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