Midwestern Industries Inc. MR-18 Gyra-Vib Separator


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Midwestern Industries Inc
915 Oberlin Rd SW
PO Box 810
Massillon OH 44648-0810
United States

The MR-18 Gyra-Vib Separator from Midwestern Industries Inc. features an 18” diameter size — their smallest size vibratory separator unit on the market.

A ‘next-generation’ version of their leading MR Gyra-Vib Separator series, the MR-18 is more compact and versatile — ideal for select markets with applications that don’t require a lot of material volume including: steel shot peening, blast and sponge media, reclaiming systems, bakery, etc.

Used to separate particles by size or separate solids from liquids, the MR-18 vibratory separator is designed for maximum screening efficiency and easy handling for smaller operations. It features a conventional design utilizing a center-mounted sealed motor and innovative balance cage weight system, to control the vibratory screening motion during the screening process.

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