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MPM Products
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United Kingdom

The MPM Products Encore In Broth cat food has 100% natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or additives. The ingredients are carefully, ethically and sustainably sourced, including dolphin-friendly tuna. Encore recipes are wheat free and hypoallergenic. 

There are different recipes of these broths available in pouches: Tuna Fillet with Prawn, Tuna Fillet with Whitebait and Chicken Breast with Brown Rice. 

These broths are also available in pots in four flavors: Chicken Breast with Tuna Roe, Tuna Fillet with Crab, Fish Selection and Finest Selection. 

In tins, the Encore In Broth cat food is available in six flavors: Chicken Breast, Chicken Breast with Cheese, Tuna with Salmon in Jelly, Tuna Fillet, Tuna with Shrimp and Sardine with Tuna Fillet. 

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