Southworth Products Corp. Model GTU-500 gaylord titler


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Phone: 1.207.878.0700


Southworth Products Corp.
PO Box 1380
Portland ME 04104-1380
United States

The Southworth Products Corp. Model GTU-500 gaylord titler efficient way to get parcels and other items from gaylords and other large containers on to conveyors and automated sortation systems. The Model GTU-500 tilts loads up to 110˚ to provide controlled emptying of container contents. It features a pan-style platform that sits essentially flush with the floor when lowered, allowing gaylords to be placed and retrieved by a hand pallet truck – no forklift necessary. A steel retention bar prevents gaylords from falling even when the unit is tilted to the full 110˚.

Unloading container contents with a tilt device like the GTU-500 makes work faster, safer and easier which translates into higher productivity and reduced workers strain and injury.

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