Proseal AP60 linear conveyor tray sealing system


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Geldards Llp Capital Quarter No. 4
Tyndall Street
Cardiff CF10 4BZ
United Kingdom

The Proseal AP60 linear conveyor tray sealing system is able to provide bespoke automated solutions for high speed applications and demanding production conditions, based around individual customer production processes and requirements. The length and width of the indexing conveyor can be customized to accommodate particular de-nesting and filling requirements. Full or partial vacuum systems can be incorporated to enable post seal processes such as retort or high pressure processing (HPP), and X-ray inspection systems and checkweighers can be included after sealing for enhanced quality control. The AP60 also offers seamless integration with third party process equipment including depositors, multihead weighing applications and CIP systems with sealing speeds of up to 240 packs per minute.

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