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Flexicon Corp
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Flexicon Mobile Sanitary Bulk Bag Discharger with stainless steel material contact surfaces allows discharging of contamination-sensitive bulk solid materials to downstream processes, dust-free. Mounted on casters for in-plant mobility, the BULK-OUT BFF Series discharger frame features four adjustable extension posts to accommodate bulk bags 36 in. to 84 in. (914 to 2134 mm) tall. The removable bag-lifting frame with Z-CLIP strap holders allows bulk bags to be attached at ground level, then forklifted into receiving cups atop the discharger frame.

The entire unit can be rolled to various destinations throughout the plant, eliminating the cost of multiple stationary units and providing easy transport to a cleaning station between production runs. Designed for ease of thorough cleaning, the adjustable extension posts are mounted outside of the frame posts instead of telescoping from within, while horizontal stainless steel members of round versus square tubing, minimize residual water and cleaning solutions clinging to the frame following wash down.

The system is also offered in all-stainless construction to food, dairy, pharmaceutical and industrial standards, and in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings.             

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