Reading Bakery Systems Multi-Pass Proofer

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Contact Information

Contact: Sam Pallottini
Title: Director, Cookie, Cracker, Pet Food Equipment Sales
Phone: 1.610.693.5816
Toll Free: 1.800.693.5816
Fax: 1.610.693.5512


Reading Bakery Systems
380 Old West Penn Ave
Robesonia PA 19551
United States

Reading Bakery Systems Multi-Pass Proofer is an environmentally controlled proofer that accelerates dough development time in a reduced production footprint. Product consistency and quality are improved due to the proofing process's ability to control temperature and humidity levels. Performance of the Multi-Pass Proofer is optimized by a full enclosure around the machine for better chamber efficiency, and the machine is easy to maintain with multiple enclosure doors for cleaning and inspection. 

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