Made by Nacho catnip and passion flower blend


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Nacho Eats Corp
82 Nassau Street #60278
New York NY 10038
United States

Made by Nacho catnip and passion flower blend is sourced from a small family farm in Alberta, Canada and is grown without heat treatment, irradiation or fungicides. The proprietary blend pairs small-batch catnip with hand-sifted passion flowers sourced from French and Italian flower farms. The unique combination of one part catnip mixed with passion flower helps create the perfect balance. 

Catnip is an all-natural stressbuster, allowing cats to let loose and play, while the passion flower promotes a sense of calm and acts to soothe nerves. Cats are attracted to nepetalactone, a key component in the stems and leaves of the catnip plant. When they smell nepetalactone, it stimulates chemicals in their brain related to mood and pleasure. 

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