Bunting Magnetics Co. Metal Detector Checkweigher Combo: Simple Assurance


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Contact: Jim Thiessen
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 1.316.284.2020
Toll Free: 1.800.835.2526
Fax: 1.316.283.4975


Bunting Magnetics Co
500 S. Spencer Rd
Newton KS 67114
United States

The Bunting Metal Detector Checkweigher Combo is a fully integrated metal detector and weighing unit. Using the best weigh cell available, Bunting’s Combo allows for higher repeatability and higher part rates leading to better accuracy. Having one common interface for the operator makes the Combo user friendly and easy to operate. 

Moving along a conveyor, the package is first inspected for metal. If traces of metal are detected, the package is automatically rejected without slowing down the line. As pure packages continue along the conveyor, they are then checked for accurate weight. If it is either over or under the prescribed weight, then it is rejected into a different bin. Simple Assurance without further delay.

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