Automated Flexible Conveyor FTH-25 SPIRALFEEDER


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Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc
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Featuring designed-in fork pockets in the base, the Fork Truck Hopper (FTH) 25 SPIRALFEEDER was developed to permit safe, easy transport by forklift from one plant location to another. After filling the hopper via bulk bag unloader, sack tip station, or manual bag emptying, the portable flexible screw conveyor may be moved directly to the mixer, lump breaker, filling line or other stage in the process for discharge. Ideal for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other companies minimizing manual powder handling, the FTH-25 SPIRALFEEDER automatically transfers powders, pellets, and other dry, bulk materials from the hopper to discharge via a screw auger rotating inside an enclosed tube. The dust-tight conveying system also includes a split hinged aluminum hopper cover that keeps the material inside during transport and prevents fine particles from escaping into the plant environment.

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