Modern Process Equipment Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyor


Contact Information

Contact: John Eiting
Title: Director of Chain-Vey Sales
Phone: 1.773.242.3929


Chain-Vey - A div of Modern Process Equipment Corp
3125 S Kolin Ave
Chicago IL 60623
United States

Modern Process Equipment's Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyor moves products gently, efficiently, horizontally and vertically in a dust-tight environment without product degradation or declassification. 

The flexible tube conveyor system can include multiple inlets and discharges to allow gentle mass flow of your product in and out of the conveyor. With strong chains, it's easy for Chain-Vey systems to start, stop and change directions under heavy loads.

Chain-Vey is manufactured with entirely FDA-approved food grade materials making it the ideal enclosed drag conveyor for food processors. Chain-Vey’s robust stainless steel chain, stainless steel schedule 10 tubing, UHMW pucks, and all other parts in contact with your product are entirely food grade. 

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